Recycle Guru Collection Center

There are some goods that our Recycle Gurus can't or won't collect.

This may be because they are hazardous or because they have no resell value.

However, if you can drop them off at our office, we will make sure they go to the right place.

The Challenge
Best Practice
Recycle Guru's Solution

Electronic waste is made up of many heavy metals, which can make people sick if leaked into the soil when disassembled unprofessionally. If burned, cancerous dioxins are released into the air. Currently, informal workers collect most e-waste because it is lucrative but they do not have safe ways of processing e-waste.

The Electronic Waste Rules of 2011 establish that only authorized businesses can (and should!) collect and process e-waste. They separate out metals, plastic, and even glass from these items safely and reuse these as technical nutrients.

Interesting E-waste recycling projects. video 1 | video 2

Because Recycle Gurus do not have safe facilities to process e-waste, please drop off your old mobile phones, computers, etc to our office and we will send them to Tech Logic. Also we can direct you to other authorized vendors here.

Batteries & light bulbs

Batteries and light bulbs are also e-waste with hazardous metals making our water and land toxic; however, their parts are less valuable and therefore challenging even for authorized processors.

Batteries are supposed to be collected back by producers but light bulbs do not yet work the same way. Municipalities should collect light bulbs but must be explicit about how these are being processed.

Now: Rashi E Waste processes light bulbs and CFLs for a small fee, and you can drop these at our office. However, we believe that this is not yet enough! Please continue to lobby KSPCB, BBMP, and manufacturers to increase their responsibility.


The practice of hand me down clothes, toys etc. is no longer prevalent. These materials can be reused to serve many purposes. Most waste shops do not pick up old clothes. Thus useful material is just wasted.

Many charities accept clothing, toy, book donations. We work with different charaties who will put these items to good use. For eg. Goonj promotes the need for clothing and dignity in the development space and uses cloth to sustain livelihoods in rural India.

We will be partnering with different NGOs. We have become one of two Goonj collection centers in Bangalore. Drop clothing at the Recycle Guru offices or pay your Recycle Guru a small fee for transporting them to us. Please visit their website to see what items we can accept.


Medicine has toxic elements that can contaminate ground water if sent to the landfill.

For medicine, your neighborhood can team up with a local hospital to connect with the proper processing facility, such as Maridi and SEMB Ramky.

We will be partnering with another organization to create a regular medicine collection campaign in Bangalore's neighborhoods- stay tuned!