Is my recycling enough


Currently we are piloting this in Indiranagar in Bangalore city. We will gradually begin all over the city
and hope we can scale this up pan India.
Playnspeak is the creator of the brand Daily Dump – Compost at Home. Daily Dump has a host of composting products. After creating a solution for wet waste, founder Poonam Bir Kasturi and her team began to research dry waste collection systems. This initiative is funded and managed by Kasturi and has also been supported in part by CHF International and Gray Matters Capital (as well as many other
helping hands). Recycle Guru is currently housed in the Playnspeak office.
No, after going through our training program, kabadiwalas become members of Recycle Guru. As members, they will be paired with households in their area and can use the Recycle Guru brand. Not all kabadiwalas can become members. To become a member, a kabadiwala must agree to pick up and responsibly recycle many low value and difficult materials in addition to agreeing to be trained and audited. We work to get them to understand how their "green job" includes engaging with the new waste norms and practices all over the world.
At the pilot stage there is no charge but we may collect a monthly membership fee in exchange for their increased access to materials.
How are you actually supporting informal workers?
When Recycle Gurus collect dry waste, they input data about materials and values into an application on their mobile phone. This data is then used as positive feedback for customers about their recycling behavior, but we also intend to aggregate this data to demonstrate the positive impact that this "invisible" workforce is having in our communities. With hard numbers, we believe we can make a stronger argument for their inclusion in public policy, and we are already working with the local municipality.
I want a Recycle Guru in my community- how can I start?
Please give us a call at 9916426661 or send a mail to admin@recycleguru.in. If we don't have a Recycle Guru member in your area yet, we will encourage you to ask a few kabadiwalas or scrap dealers in your neighborhood if they would be interested. Then, we will come talk to them about the program details. They can be trained in our next class, and you can start recycling. If you are a part of a Residence Association or large community, we can help to implement a full dry-waste collection plan and to disseminate information about segregation.
How can I learn more about this recycling process? Can I see the recycling plant?
Daily Dump runs a full-day tour of the people and places in Bangalore's waste system that you would be surprised exist! This tour is called the Trash Trail and you can sign up here.
Can I drop all of my waste at your office?
We only accept clothing and e-waste. The other recyclable waste is best routed through the Recycle Guru's of this program.
How do I know things are being recycled?
We randomly audit our Recycle Gurus and work with them to find solutions for materials that they find difficult to sell. Additionally, all of the materials they collect have market value. While we are hoping to research the kind of recycling that each materials goes through (formal, informal, etc.) we do not have the capabilities to track all materials collected.
What about wet waste?
Wet waste does not have substantial re-sell value, and we believe trucking the city's waste many kilometers out of the city each day is not the best environmental solution- nor is it good for the communities near these landfills. Try turning your wet waste into nutritious compost with Daily Dump's products or make your own!