How Recycle Guru works

Register with Recycle Guru
When scheduling a collection online, request a day and time that works best for you. We inform your local Recycle Guru, and you receive a confirmation message.

Sit back and relax

No more waiting for the kabadiwala to ride by your house! Recycle Guru is a convenient and reliable service that works to fit your schedule.

Meet your Recycle Guru
The Recycle Guru arrives at your doorstep, weighs your segregated waste materials and calculates their value. He also advises you on what to do with certain items that he can’t take.

Get to know his method

No more throwing your low value waste into a landfill. He’ll pick up low value materials along with high value waste like newspapers.

Payment Options
Based on your preferences, he either pays you or can bring your donations to charity - or you can give him your waste for free.

Hey, you just recycled!

No more haggling or feeling cheated. Develop a new relationship with this entrepreneur.

Stay Updated
He enters the transaction into our online system. You will be notified by SMS, and your Recycle Guru webpage will update accordingly.

Watch your positive impact grow

Now you know what you’ve contributed. You can be proud of your efforts, and
we hope you show off the reports to others!