Is my recycling enough?

Is my recycling enough


I store and sell all my bits of paper?
    All types of paper-from bus tickets to notebook paper-can be recycled. Look at our page about paper
I rinse all my plastic covers, milk packets, and bottles?
    Rinsing materials before storing helps to keep your home bug-free and is also helpful for recyclers.
I dispose of old light bulbs properly?
    Disposing of light bulbs can be dangerous because they contain mercury- something we don’t want seeping into our ground water. If you drop these at our office, we will send them to the right place.
I dispose of other e-waste properly?
    If burned, electronic waste emitts dioxins, a dangerous carcinogenic toxin. However, when salvaged, valuable metals and plastics can be recovered.
I compost my organic kitchen waste?
    Wet waste from your kitchen makes up 60% of waste. Imagine turning all of that back into nutritious soil rather then being send to a landfill. Daily Dump has much more information.


I give away my old cloth or remake them into something new?
    The uses for cloth are endless. Our office is a Goonj collection center. Please drop off anything you no longer need.
I bring a bottle or mug to work and avoid plastic or styrofoam cups?
    Using a mug avoids the use of plastic and styrofoam.
I carry an extra bag with me when I go shopping?
    We all know that these bags are mostly illegal because of their impact on our water system and in our streets, and they are often impossible to recycle.
I line my dustbins with newspaper to avoid plastic bags?
    If you keep organic waste is a separate place, lining your dustbins with a few layers of newspaper is an easy way to cut down on plastic.
I carry my own water bottle when i travel?
    Bottled water is the cause of a lot of plastic pollution and does not help us take care of our common water sources.


I avoid buying drinks in tetrapacks?
    Because of their complex layers, tetrapack needs a special plant for processing.
I buy refill packs for soaps and detergents instead of buying new bottles?
    Ironically, the art of reducing usually means thinking in bulk!
I avoid buying chips and biscuits packaged in metallized poly material?
    Because of their complex layers, these need a special plant for recycling.
I think about how I will dispose of new products before I buy them?
    Vote for environmentally-friendly products with your purchases.
I discuss these issues with friends and neighbors?
    The best way to change someone’s habit is having an advocate in their life. Step up!
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Count the number of "Yes" you have checked.

10 or more : Excellent! Your recycling karma is coming around in full force!

5 – 10 : Hey, your well on your way. Develop a few more for these habits so the recycling Gods can bless you too.

Below 5 : Ah well, unless you want the recycle rakshasa, with a body of plastic and teeth made of batteries, to come after you - you better get moving!