Recycle with Love

Recycling is only one part of a bigger picture. Why do we waste? How should we deal with it?

Consider this: only 1% of all materials mobilized to serve modern economies are still in use 6 months after purchased. We are a throwaway society.

The items we use everyday come from vast amounts of natural resources.

They are increasingly designed for immediate consumption, which means we need to use more resources.

However, since we haven’t planned for their disposal, pollution of our air, water, and land are current threats, not future ones. This can be seen from the Plastic Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean to our own city’s toxic ground water. Thus, we must all truly understand the fact is there is no such thing as away on a finite planet.

We believe that while garbage systems need to be fixed, our habits need to be fixed, too. Recycling is not enough.

Start by consuming products that have been made from renewable resources and designed with their end use in mind. That means supporting those that invest in new materials and new products to make sustainable products cool.
Segregate and save waste from the landfill.
When throwing, give due recognition to the those who help to control our rubbish.
Recycle with Love